Our Story

Time Honored Traditions

It was a spark of Texas pioneer spirit that led to the oak roasted coffee that is Summer Moon. 
Our family’s dream to craft coffee more authentically has ignited an ever-growing community of coffee lovers who won’t have their coffee roasted any other way than over a roaring wood fire.
Summer Moon Roasting House


  A local auction changed the life trajectory of our entire family. 
A winning bid on coffee equipment led to our first coffee shop in 2002,
the creation of Moon Milk, our first hand-built roaster and then 
the opening of  Summer Moon Coffee Bar on South First St. in 2005.



What followed were years of perfecting our craft before local demand
propelled us to open locations across Texas, starting with another
location in Buda, Texas in 2013. Close family friends opened licensed
locations in North Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston metro areas.
We recently started expanding through franchised locations throughout Texas,
and now Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Kenosha (WI), Knoxville (TN),
and Fayetteville (AR)— where the Summer Moon standard carries on. 
At the same time, our family continues to grow locations
throughout the Austin area.

Even though Summer Moon has grown to over 50 locations
and counting, not much has changed.

Summer Moon Grows beyond Austin


Summer Moon coffee beans are still roasted in the Texas Hill Country
in the same wood-fired brick ovens we built using the
time-honored process of 19th century coffee masters.

We are continually perfecting a craft roasting process
that we are proud to call our own. For over
two decades, we have been committed to making small,
hand-roasted batches of the finest beans over seasoned Texas post oak. 

It’s a labor of love spanning two generations,  
and we are not stopping anytime soon.

Summer Moon Barista